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e-Droid-Cell Pro Spreadsheet

2.7 usd

Install the "e-Droid-Cell TRIAL (No Save)" if you need more time to test, but remember TRIAL has limited number of rows/columns and NO Save option...Only the Excel 2003 binary XLS format is supported.Compatible with Dropbox for cloud support! (see
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Warning: Android 1.5 and 1.6 OS are supported but we have detected that Google "Cloud Print" feature may not work under Android 1.x for some devices.
Edit your spreadsheets on the go with one of the most user friendly editor for Microsoft Excel files (100% Excel compatible). Offers powerful data computation with support for 124 Excel functions, Drop Down List support (select values from a predefined list), cell, number and dates formatting, row and column sizes, filters, sorting, cut, copy, paste, undo, charting, exporting as PDF, etc.
Edit your Excel worksheets on the go!
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Includes a "Macro" mechanism allowing to script the application. Although the Macro language is not compatible with VBA (Visual Basic Applications) it does allows for doing almost anything required by a Macro language.
Ways you can use the application:- Create invoices from an Excel template, then email the invoice to customer directly (HTML or PDF)- Design a worksheet with complex formulas and use it as a complex calculator- Create an Excel form with cells to fill in with drop down lists and keep track of your customers survey- Track GPS locations and add other tabular informations (Latitude, longitude and accuracy are written back into spreadsheet)- These are just examples; it could also be something much better :-)
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